Dear head of the organisation you represent…

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Dear head of the organisation you represent,
If you believe that terrorism and exploitation is an reinforcement and being silent to persecution and dependency are evil for all the people on earth, you should know that Turkey’s all NATIONAL and CIVIL unions /organisations support our own nation against the coup attempt on July 15th entirely.
We are a civil non-profit and non-governmental organisation of Turkey, and always stand by our nation. We are patriots and will not flee from being martyrized for our heavenly homeland by three to five rebels.
We exclaim that 79 million citizens of Turkey unconditional stands by civil initiative governance and rejects the coup attempt of FETÖ supported traitors and all the manipulations to defamate Turkey’s Democracy on July 15th.
Dear executive, we know for certain that from 21:00 pm,15th July untill morning 16th July, the symbol of National Will, the Turkish Parliament, Turkish Presidential Complex, Ankara Police Department, National Intelligence Agency, Turkish satellite institutions was pranged by the traitors of FETÖ coup. In the first instance Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge, later Airports, the Turkish National Television, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, many squares were blockaded with the orders of the traitors of this coup.
On the day of FETÖ coup, the Turkish citizens have shown their courage and bravery and stood up to the tanks, the jet planes and gun bullets only with their hearth. This is in fact a stood up to all kinds of persecution against humanity, treason , injustice and illegality.
And do understand Turkey and the Turkish nation and remember that this your examinees is…
To understand us, you should not await:
Your parliament being bombed,
The death of your citizens,
Disappearance of your trust and confidence


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