Method that can be applied both today and tomorrow

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Our ancestors decided to deport the spoiled Armenians during the difficult days of the First World War since they tried to revolt our country by dreaming of a state with the provocations of the British, French and Russians, killed our brothers in Eastern Anatolia, and -did not heed the warnings made to them by the state officials.

Let the idiots who call deportation genocide inside and outside know that; The place where we stand independently of the conjuncture is no different from the place where martyr Talat Pasha, the minister of internal medicine of the period, stood. MEASURE taken yesterday to protect our sacred and honor is obviously still disturbing imbeciles who have made betrayal into a character, and traitors who are fed by the conspiracy. It should not be forgotten that deportation is a method that can be applied both today and tomorrow.
Respectfully to the Public …

@WhiteHouse @UNHumanRights @EUDelegationTur #WHGovRBX


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